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How it all began

Hours, days, and even months of my life were stolen by unprepared, untrained lecturers, and bosses I came across in my life. And when I was starting to work and teach at university, I was sure I am going to do a better job. I thought speaking louder and keeping an eye-contact will be enough. Guess, it’s not! I often saw sleepy students on my lectures and bored colleagues on my presentations. I knew that something needs to be changed.


I discovered a number of aspects that needed to be taken care of, from the structure and the content to the communication and presentation skills. To learn these skills, I took a number of didactic and communication workshops and joined the biggest rhetoric club in Europe. As a result, I strongly improved my communication skills and learned how to structure my content. I continue enhancing my expertise in this field by presenting on our weekly ONLINE and OFFLINE meet-ups.


So far, I held over 200 online and offline presentations, speeches, and evaluations for scientists, industry representatives, and startups. 


Currently, I offer pitch help for startups, helping to convince investors and clients with their pitches. No startup should fail because of the poor pitch.


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Sharing some super clever thoughts in front of 500 people (my biggest audience so far)
"Dr. Hayk Vardanyan studied both his and other people's behavior and understood what helps us handle changes in our lives rather than getting lost in them."
Read the full article in Westdeutsche Zeitung.
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Feedback from Startups
Hayk smells your advantages and disadvantages at once which helps him deliver a good result.
He is the one who can teach you how to make others believe in your idea and raise millions for your startup.
I have learned how to convince my audience. Contact me now and I will help you to do the same.