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Big Changes? Innovations?? Or We All JUST Locked Down at Home?

Updated: May 4

Besides the depressing atmosphere in the world caused by Coronavirus, there is something very interesting happening right now: we all are pushed to the ONLINE space. Teachers, doctors, scientists, consultants, and many other professionals are doing their jobs quite successfully, working remotely, ONLINE.

But what’s remarkable about it, that many of them are actually planning to continue (at least partially) working online after the Corona crisis, saving time, travel expenses and rental costs!

The thing is that IT guys have been practicing remote working for quite some time! And most professionals had this opportunity too, but were skeptical, hesitant and simply too conservative for trying new technologies.

Right now, people are getting used to the online versions of traditionally offline communication channels. This means that startups are getting an opportunity to extend their businesses online, as more and more potential customers will be found here. I believe many sales and investment meetings also will be held using video conferences.

Interestingly, presenting virtually feels quite different from a traditional face to face presentation. Since the beginning of the lockdown in Germany, I am practicing my online presenting skills and evaluating pitches of professionals from various industries. I noticed that keeping your virtual audience focused and convincing them with your message is much harder than on regular presentations. It demands a specific set of skills, which you can acquire very quickly.

In any case, the corona pandemic will be gone. There will be a new situation in the world, with great chances and opportunities for people like you, and you will need to pitch your startup much more often than ever before!

Online or offline, write to me in any case and I will help you to convince your audience!

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P.S. Enjoy the last years of cruising and drifting your car in your city, soon they will be pushed out by self-driving cars :D

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